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About Fuels Now

Fuels Now is part of Oil Rigs Now, LLC of Houston, Texas USA.

Through our many worldwide contacts in the upstream and downstream oil business (since 1975), we are able to secure large quantities of fuels, most directly from the refinery and/or mine.

No matter what or how much you need, Fuels Now will help you fill your fuel requirements.  Please fill out our request form on the Contact page.

Michael P. Mulkern – B.S., M.A., P.G.
Oil Rigs Now, LLC,
DBA Fuels Now 

Michael started his career in oil and gas exploration in 1975 with Phillips Petroleum in Oklahoma. He went on to work for several companies including BP/Sohio, Marathon Oil and Apache Corp. on oil and gas exploration and development projects around the world, working on projects in over 50 countries, participating in many new oil and gas discoveries. In 2001 he went into consulting and private enterprise. Oil Rigs Now was formed with a mission to build a “go-to” destination for buying or selling high quality oil and gas drilling rigs and related equipment. Fuels Now serves industries that need large quantities of fuel for their operations.

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