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Petroleum Coke

Access to 360,000 metric tonnes per month of pet coke


Liquefied Petroleum Gas available up to 500,000 MT per month.


Access to Low Sulfur Coal, Steam Coal and Peruvian Anthracite

Gasoline 93 Octane

Large Quantities Available per month.

Jet Fuels

Aviation Kerosene Russian origin JP54 and JPA1


Liquefied Natural Gas available up to 500,000 MT per month.

Fuel Oils

D2, D6, H2D2, CST‐180, Mazut 100

Crude Oil

WTI Blend and Russian Export Blends Available.


  • We are offering West Texas Intermediate blend for Export. Up to 4 million barrels a month below market price.  Contact us for details.

  • See Product Specs on Petcoke FAQ page

  • We are offering 3 types of coal, 2 from USA and 1 from Peru.  Check the specs and prices at Coal FAQ

  • Our liquid fuels are mainly of Russian origin but can be picked up at Rotterdam, Houston, Primorsk AND Vladivostok.  See specs, quantities and price at Liquid Fuels FAQ and General Procedures here.

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